OneAll Market Privacy Policy

ONEALL Privacy Statement

©HITRAC is committed to protecting user privacy and providing a safe and secure environment for end-user data.

Determining your location- ONEALL Market makes use of user location. For it to work, the mobile application may need to know and access your current location.

In the event you are using the mobile application it requests access to your current location details. Location information retrieved from your device or browser will be used to tailor the services with respect to your location i.e. showing products, services or events near you.

Location information will not be shared with anyone be it second party or third-party data users. User information gathered is strictly for the mobile application use and is not shared with any other entity. We do not sell or give lists that we might retain and we do not buy any of such information from other parties.

With the exception of login information and search tracking request information is stored by us to allow tracking of search activity and any other information unrelated usage of the mobile application. You may elect that we do not keep your information by simply not creating an account with the platform.

If you wish to correct any information, the user is requested to correctly login into their account and update their information on our server with the details of your request. If there is need to contact us further, find the complete contact details on our contacts page. We use this information to improve service to you.

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