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Dr. Tungamirirai Simbini (BSc. MBChB, MS – Informatics)

Dr. Simbini is a trained medical doctor with post graduate qualifications in Health Informatics and Information Systems. He has a BSc and MBChB degrees from the University of Zimbabwe. He has a Master of Science in Health Informatics from Oregon Health & Sciences University, USA.

Current Areas of Professional Expertise

Currently he is the lead principal investigator in the computerization of the Human Resource Information Systems project funded by the Centers for Disease Control. He is the director of the Health Informatics Training and Research Advancement Center (HITRAC) at the College of Health Sciences. He is also working in Malawi in health systems strengthening focusing on the Health Information Management Systems.  In Malawi he is supporting data quality (timeliness, completeness and accuracy) through new strategies known as LOT quality assessment strategies. He is supporting the adoption of the web-based DHIS tool for national level reporting from district level. He supported the authoring of the Malawi Health Information Systems policy, which has been recently adopted.

He is also working at developing an Enterprise Architecture Framework for Clinical Care. Associated with this approach is the development of mobile apps such as Health Services Finder, Online Appointments Module, Pharmacy Information Management Systems and the associated Drug Finder Services. Work is also ongoing in the development of an electronic medical record system to incorporate the continuum of care across different service domains.

Previous Assignments

He has supported the Ministry of Health and Child Care in various projects. He participated in the formulation of the National Health Information Strategy of 2009 to 2014. He advised the ministry in the adoption of District Health Information System in 2010. He  is the principal author of the draft Zimbabwe e-Health Strategy framework of 2012 to 2017. In addition, he supported the National AIDS Council to adapt the Country Response Information System (CRIS) in 2004, the de-facto national reporting tool to the UNAIDS.

At a regional level, he has evaluated health management information systems in all SADC member states focusing on HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria. He recommended the development of integration of health information systems at a regional level, authoring a key paper that is well cited in international journals. He published a number of articles of health management information systems and informatics principles.


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Contact Email: simbinit@gmail.com

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